Through original Impressionist watercolours, the finest silk and hand-finishes, Somafemme evokes the boundless beauty of our world. 


Somafemme was founded by Soma Pradhan, a graduate of NIFT and
NAFA, the most prestigious fashion and design schools in Asia
respectively. Soma worked for leading export houses as a designer and consultant in New Delhi, India. Thereafter, she founded her first brand in that city, stocking at the prestigious Santushti enclave. Having turned it profitable, she chose to migrate to Singapore where she revived her work after taking additional training in metalsmithing and painting. Her total work experience in the field of textiles and fashion now exceeds two decades. 


Soma likes to test the boundaries of art and
design. Hence, most pieces under Somafemme have no repeat
patterns. Patrons do not buy these pieces for their cuts and
silhouettes alone-Soma challenges them to discover themselves
in the stories that come out from the designs and the movement
of the fabric. In a bold departure from convention but with a
nod to her Impressionist training, she does all her model
shoots out in the open. The camera follows the models’ gaze
rather than make her the sole object, a significant break from
business-as-usual fashion photography. 


True to its’ Singaporean heritage, Somafemme is about
excellence in creativity and delivery;  it exudes a  distinct aura of exoticism while being rooted in cosmopolitanism.